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      Transmission Electron Microscopy:

Some Microscopy Images

The TEM section of the Microscopy Unit performs negative staining, ultrastructure examinations and immunolabelling of diverse biological specimens. Our equipment consists of an Hitachi H-7000 Electron Microscope with an AMT High-Res CCD camera, Reichert-Jung/AO ultra-microtome, Ted Pella 3450 laboratory microwave oven, RMC 7500 Freeze Substitution Chamber as well as standard room temperature methods to fix, section and view of our tissue.
We can help plan your project to include TEM tissue processing, imaging and poster/publication preparations. We have worked with all agricultural products and their pest. We have imaged plant and animal pathogens and the diseases they cause, beneficial and injurious insects as well as their hosts, and food and food by-produ

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