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Confocal Scanning Laser Microscope: A Zeiss 710 laser scanning confocal microscopy (CFM) system is available for scientific studies. The microscope consists of a AxioObserver inverted microscope with 2.5x, 10x, 20x, Plan Neoflur objectives and 25x, 40x, 63x and 100x Plan Apochromatic multi-immersion (oil, water, glycerin) objectives. The system has 4 lasers: 405nm diode laser; 458nm, 488nm and 514nm Argon laser; 561nm diode-pumped solid state laser; and 633nm helium-neon laser. There are 4 photo-multiplier tube (PMT) detectors for ultraviolet, infra-red, spectral array for visible light, and differential interference contrast (DIC). The combination of lasers, PMT, and two -10 dichroic filter wheels (10 filters for visible light and 10 filters for invisible light) allows for 50 filter combinations for the discernment of up to 10 channels of fluorescent light simultaneously. The resolution of the images is 256 x 256 pixels up to 6144 x 6144 pixels with 8, 12 or16 bit depth. The power of a confocal microscope is the ability to optically section samples and reconstruct them in 3 dimensions (3D). This Zeiss 710 confocal system is unique as it can simultaneously spectrally analyze samples between 390-750nm. Utilizing the Zeiss Zen software package the spectra can be linearly unmixed to separate the spectra of the various fluorescent objects. Using the Zeiss AxioVision 4D software it is possible to construct 3 dimensional images of specimens which can be twisted, turned and sliced to observe all angles of the specimen externally as well as internally.

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