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Some Microscopy Images

Brev phoenicis A closer look Beard 2015 Brevipalpus phoenicis sensu stricto (Geijskes) is redescribed and the species diagnosis established. Two former synonyms of B. phoenicis sensu lato, B. yothersi Baker and B. papayensis Baker, are resurrected and redescribed and their species diagnoses established. Brevipalpus hondurani Evans is also redescribed and diagnosed. Four new species, previously misdentified as B. phoenicis sensu lato or B. obovatus Donnadieu, are described B. azores sp. nov., B. feresi sp. nov., B. ferraguti sp. nov., and B. tucuman sp. nov. Four new junior synonyms of B. yothersi are listed Brevipalpus amicus Chaudhri and B. recula Chaudhri (new synonymies), and B. mcbridei Baker and B. deleoni Pritchard and Baker (misidentifications). A key is provided to separate these species. New morphological characters significant for species separation are presented and discussed.

Warning .pdf is 170 mb in size

The Electron and Confocal Microscope Unit provides collaborative assistance for BARC scientists to use high resolution imaging for their research programs. The ECM Unit is equipped with state of the art scanning and transmission electron microscopes and confocal microscope. All of the microscopes of the ECMU are now outfitted with digital cameras, eliminating the need for darkroom work and permitting any collaborating investigator to quickly use images generated to prepare figures for manuscripts and grants.


There is no charge to collaborating management units to work with the Electron and Confocal Microscopy Unit for short-term projects. However, scientists are expected to present samples ready for observation in the microscope and they must provide there own expendable items. For projects that might involve a long-term commitment or that might dominate the staff's time, then the ECMU will provide training and facilities for a member of the collaborator's staff. The Unit functions as a Beltsville Area core facility. Beltsville scientists who wish to use the Microscopes should contact:

Dr. Gary Bauchan: Director ECMU.
Specialist Scanning Electron Microscopy and Confocal Laser Microscopy; 301-504-6649
Joseph Mowery: Specialist in transmission electron microscopy 301-504-9027
Christopher Pooley: Specialist in digital imaging and computer techniques.  AM: 301-504-8377  PM: 301-504-9027
Jim Kilcrease: Post-Doc with Floral and Nursery Plants Research Unit of the U.S. National Arboretum.  301-504-6097 

Examples of projects that Electron Microscope Unit has undertaken are shown in the following web links;

* Snow Crystal Site
* SEL Mites
* Color Stereo Mite Micrographs
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* Examples of Micrographs

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